Featured by practically every major international radio and television news show, the Heart Attack Grill creates media hyper-frenzy without having ever spent a single penny on advertising. We have achieved the status of Twitter Trending Topic on many occasions and have repeatedly been ranked by Google Trends as being the #1 most searched term on the global Internet.
     We do NOT franchise but are seeking strategic partnerships through licensing arraignments with industry leaders who have the wherewithal to invest several million dollars to properly develop select metropolitan markets in various nations.
     Heart Attack Grill®, Single Bypass Burger®, Double Bypass Burger®, Triple Bypass Burger®, Quadruple Bypass Burger®, Flatliner Fries®, Butterfat Shake®, and Taste Worth Dying For®, Quintuple Bypass BurgerTM, Sextuple Bypass BurgerTM, Septuple Bypass BurgerTM, Octuple Bypass BurgerTM, Coronary DogTM, and Heart Attack CafeTM are registered with the USPTO and have been widely recognized through extensive publication in every known country in the world. Double Bypass Burger® and Heart Attack Grill® are also registered internationally through the Madrid Protocol.
     We have successfully defended our exclusive right to these trademarks against all known infringements by forcibly removing them from unauthorized menus across the country. We also aggressively defend our original hospital theme. In March 2009 we successfully forced the closure of an infringer (Flatline Grill) for copying our hospital-hamburger theme. In May 2010 we successfully obtained a Federal Court judgment (10-CV-80127-MARRA-JOHNSON) ordering an infringer (Heart Stoppers Grill) to absolutely discontinue the use of our medical theme.
     In July of 2012 we received a federal judgment against the 2nd Ave Deli in New York City (2,500 miles away) which denied them the right to refer to a dish, which is foreign to anything sold by the Heart Attack Grill (a kosher pastrami sandwich), by using a term which is similar (but not even identical) to our registered trademarks anywhere outside of Manhattan. The judgment also restricted the New York Deli from using another similar (not even identical) term on any interior or exterior signage, or to depict that term with any image on its menus. 2nd Ave Deli attempted to appeal the decision but their appeal was denied.
     In March of 2017 Litigation was filed against the owners of the Heart Attack Shack in Tennessee for trademark infringement. As a result of the litigation the Heart Attack Shack was shut down and has ceased using the trademarks, trade dress, and medical thematics made famous by the original Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas.
     These are examples of the far-reaching ability that we have to enforce the integrity of our intellectual property. We shall continue to take aggressive legal action against and seek full damages from all those who attempt to infringe! Questions concerning our intellectual property rights may be directed toward the firm of Kain & Associates 900 Southeast 3rd Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316.